Cards postcards
Cards postcards
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  • Format (W x H) : 148 x 105 mm
  • Delivery options : Collection from Courcelles or 1 address in Belgium


Among these, the postcard as well as the compliment card are the ideal personalized communication medium.
We have chosen several traditional papers with a soft and silky touch and several structured papers that give a prestigious image to your property.

The postcard is nowadays an essential tool to leave a personal note to accompany your files or offers. It greatly facilitates the exchange of information. It is a reflection of your agency's activity. The postcard is a valuable advertising tool.

Postcard papers

Paper types

01 Kraft brown 290g

This paper is made from recycled paper pulp. The fibre structure is clearly visible and gives Kraft paper a raw, organic look.

02 Bio Top 3 Natural 300g

This paper is made from recycled paper, is bleached without chlorine and contains no optical brighteners. Advantage: the natural white tint of this paper rests the eyes and makes for pleasant reading.

03 White matt coated 300g and 400g

A very white, smooth paper with a slight satin finish to highlight high-quality images and sharp text.

04 White satin coated 300g 300g

The colours and details of the images stand out well on the smooth, slightly glossy surface of this very popular paper. Advertising materials are very often printed on this paper.

05 Off White Recycled 300g

A natural uncoated white paper that is soft and smooth to the touch. The paper is made from 100% recycled fibre and has a very clear eco-friendly appearance.

06 Smooth white natural cardboard 350g

This compact, very dense paper contains little air and is quite stiff. Unlike many other paperboards, it is only made up of a single layer.

The images displayed on the screen are only optical approximations and may, for technical reasons (e.g. screen calibration), differ (colour, structure, effects) to some extent. You can receive free paper samples on request by email.

Technical details

Horizontal size 150 x 100 and vertical size 100 x 150 mm

Technical details

Tips for preparing your file
File preparation

Lost margins

Thanks to our preflight, you are not obliged to provide lost margins, however, if you provide them, count at least 3 mm, in order to prevent cutting defects. Cutting lines are not necessary.

The security zone

This is the inner margin of your documents where you will avoid placing texts or logos. This margin is not mandatory, but it allows for a more aerated and less overwritten layout. This is 5 mm, minimum 2 mm
To know the dimensions of your files, see the "Details" tab.

Useful templates to prepare your document:
Horizontal card template 150 x 100 mm PDF
Vertical card template 100 x 150 mm PDF

Shipping information


The choice of delivery method is made at the end of the order and before choosing your payment method.